Your zakat, sadqah and donations will bridge the learning resource gap for 9,700+ students, transforming their learning and lives. 


what we do

Teach For Pakistan leverages promising young talent to create a multiplier effect on the education system. 

We recruit and train top graduates and young professionals from all fields for a two-year Fellowship to teach in low-income schools that lack quality teachers. After the Fellowship, our Alumni use their experiences to tackle Pakistan’s most pressing problems in education, affecting policy change, mobilizing resources for critical interventions, turning around schools, and spurring social innovation. Collectively, this movement aims to build an education system that promotes equity and excellence.

Our mission is to build a movement of diverse and capable
leaders committed to eliminating educational inequity in Pakistan









50÷100Half of all students in Pakistan's public schools cannot solve this.


This is the state of classrooms our Fellows step into. The first phase of the work involves working directly with children to understand the world from their vantage point. This helps Fellows diagnose what exactly is wrong. They work in partnership with parents, the community and the school staff to radically transform students' academic, non-cognitive and social-emotional skills and outcomes.

After Fellowship, Alumni continue to pursue careers to tackle Pakistan’s most pressing problems in education. They work in partnership with the government and other important stakeholders, rewrite textbooks, design alternative school systems and work as policymakers. Their experience in the classroom keeps them grounded and helps them take steps for system reform. Together they fill the leadership vacuum and build a movement to end education inequity.






Teach For Pakistan was piloted in Karachi & Lahore from 2011-2016 and recruited & trained over 100 excellent teachers and education leaders, who worked directly with over 5,000 students. 


Building on this foundation, Teach For Pakistan launched in Islamabad in 2017 as an independent organization poised for scale. Since then 150+ inspired young people have joined the Fellowship to teach and learn in under-resourced, rural schools in and around our nation's capital. 


The two-year Fellowship is the cornerstone of our movement. Teach For Pakistan recruits motivated and talented individuals to teach in under-resourced schools, transforming student outcomes and gaining critical skills and knowledge about the education system.


After the Fellowship, our Alumni take forward the movement for educational quality, becoming lifelong champions for every child’s right to an excellent education. Join a movement of future leaders working to reform the education system.