impact on students 

Our vision is for our children to grow into scholars, thinkers, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs – builders of a new Pakistan and world order. To achieve this, Fellows teach to develop students’ emotional and intellectual capacity, as well as their ability to act on their learning, solving real world challenges.

 academic growth

Make significant gains
on literacy
Grow in key
subjects by
Perform nearly twice as well as
their peers on board exams
in 5 months

 emotional development

civic engagement

Mariam Asaad and Fiza Miraj (2014 Alumnus) empowered their students with problem-solving and leadership skills by arranging workshops at their school. The workshops required students to identify issues in their school community and design & execute appropriate interventions. 

One group of students staged their project in front of 800 students and teachers, where they independently organized and executed a skit. For a group of children, none of whom had ever attended a theatrical production, to write and direct script a play on their own was a powerful testament to their capabilities.

impact on schools & communities 







of partner school principals say Fellows have significant positive influence on other school teachers
of principals believe Fellows have increased parental involvement in school affairs
of principals say having Fellows in school boosts attendance

In Year 2, Fellows implement community projects to tackle a specific factor affecting children’s well-being in their school or community, and create structures that can be sustained by local stakeholders. 47 such initiatives have been undertaken in Karachi and Lahore communities.


Having seen the direct impact of literacy on academics, Fellows have worked to develop student and parent literacy though workshops, establishing libraries, and holding sessions.




Realizing the interrelationship of health and education, Fellows have initiated projects to inculcate sports & sports education into the daily lives of the students.



Fellows’ projects under this domain have included training teachers, creating systems for classroom management & discipline and initiatives to eliminate corporal punishment.


Noticing that low-income communities often lack access to and knowledge of learning spaces and/or career paths, Fellows have assisted and encouraged their students to create community learning spaces, and have imparted crucial skills through awareness sessions for both students and parents.

“The CDP (Community Development Project) has been the best part of this Fellowship. I did not realize it at the beginning of the project, but I can very confidently say it now. Now that I have undertaken an entrepreneurial venture on my own, there is no stopping me. I know that I will only work with an organization with which my vision is aligned.”

Hina Saleem Mesiya, 2013 TFP Alum

Summer Fellow at Education Pioneers, DC (current)