impact on students 

Our vision is for our children to grow into thinkers, scholars, artists, scientists, and entrepreneurs – builders of a new Pakistan. To achieve this, Fellows teach to develop students’ emotional and intellectual capacity, as well as their ability to act on their learning, solving real-life challenges.

 Academic Growth

On average, our students grow in key subjects by
year in
5 months
In the year marred by the COVID-19, our second-year Fellows classrooms sustained an average of
years' worth
of academic growth

Maheen's student Samra overcomes challenges and excels

2019 Fellow Maheen Qadri taught English in a public school in Nilore. A few months into Maheen’s Fellowship, a new student joined her classroom. Like many of her students’ families, Samra’s parents had just moved to a village near Islamabad from Kohat in search of sustainable income and a better life for their children.

Sahar's 4th graders leap toward academic excellence

In October of 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, Fellow Sahar Shirwani stepped into a small school in Badia Qadir Bakhsh as an English teacher for 72 third graders. Sahar had a clear vision in mind: she wanted her students to achieve academic excellence on par with any other student at their grade level.


Shajee's 5th graders strive to shine at math.

When the 2018 Alum started his Fellowship in Tarnol, his students in grade 5 could not even solve grade 2 math problems. This was alarming because these students had to appear in board exams in a few months.


Maliha and Mariha's students journey to improve English Literacy

Fellows Maliha and Mariha were teaching two different grades yet their struggle was the same: most of their students lacked basic English literacy. This not only hindered their students’ achievement in English but also held them back in subjects where English was the medium of instruction. This meant their 3rd and 4th graders had, on average, a learning gap of 3 academic years! 

Access to Future Pathways

Throughout the two years of the Fellowship, Fellows not only work on academic outcomes of their students but also actively work on creating pathways for students e.g., opportunities for further studies/scholarships, access to technology, exposure to careers etc.

Maryam and Noor's students' journey towards technological access!

During their Fellowship, 2018 Alumni Maryam Khalid Shah and Noor-us-Sabah felt that in order for their students to successfully achieve their goals, it was important for them to be able to access knowledge and opportunities on their own. For this, one key enabler was digital literacy; however, a preliminary survey revealed that more than half of their students didn’t even know how to turn on a computer.

Sameen's students beating the odds to write their own stories

Fellow Sameen Kamran teaches English at a public school in Bhara Kahu, Islamabad. When she first stepped into the classroom, 1.5 years ago, her students' English literacy levels were significantly low. They had limited to no resources to learn English other than their regular textbooks. They had not been familiarized with the world of stories.

Fawad and Zain's endeavour to make future education accessible for the girls in their community 

2014 Alumnus Fawad and 2013 Alumnus Zain taught in Ladhekebhullar community near Lahore. When their Fellowship was ending, their students were at the age to start college. Most of the time, the girls in the community would opt for privately taking intermediate exams and staying in the village. The girls and their parents really wanted them to study ahead and excel, but there were restricted by financial and information barriers like what are good colleges around, how to apply for them and where to get the applications forms etc.

post card.jpg

Nawal's students received postcards from around the world!

2019 Aum Nawal used to teach English and Social Studies to 4th and 5th graders in a public school in Bhara Kahu. Nawal had a goal to expose her students to the world outside academic books and always worked on creating opportunities for her students to do that.


Fellows also work on achieving non-cognitive outcomes for the students impacting their mindsets, values etc. e.g. grit, compassion, independent learning.
mamoon and hassan.png

Mamoon and Hassan's students journey towards finding an outlet to express themselves

Hassan and Mamoon are 2020 Fellows placed in a small rural community, Kortana in Sihala, just a few kilometres off the GT road. When they first went to school, they saw how boys were so energetic but it was being expressed through a lot of aggression towards each other, and girls were mostly really quiet and scared. 

Arooj's students journey of standing up for themselves

When 2018 Alum, Arooj, had started teaching in a school in Bhara Kahu, most of the students were so scared, they wouldn’t say a single word. It took effort and time to build their trust and confidence. In just one year, her kids became really confident: If they are not able to understand something, they hold their teacher accountable and ensure that she provides them with the tools they need to grow their learning.

Imran's students journey of taking ownership of their learning

2019 Alum Imran Ali’s Fellowship started off teaching at a learning center for street children in Peshawar. Students from the center sat an exam every year and those who passed were awarded a scholarship to attend Peshawar Model School. This helped children transition into regular schooling.

Social and Political Consciousness

We want our students to be aware of the world around them! Fellows work on impacting students' awareness and involvement in matters affecting their communities and society at large
Dengue .png

Election in Iman's classroom!

Iman Basit is a second-year Fellow placed in a public school in Mehrabadi, Tarnol. She teaches Social Studies to 4th and 5th graders. In the past year and a half, Iman has thoroughly worked with her students to help them set a vision for themselves.

Noor-ul-Ain's students initiative to take responsibility of their community's well being.

2020 Fellow Noor-ul-Ain teaches at a public school in Tarnol. Followed by different activities in school on World Science Day and awareness campaigns on dengue, Noor's students in Tarnol took responsibility of raising awareness about dengue in their neighbourhoods. They engaged with shopkeepers and other community members to help them spread the message, and showed us all how loving, thinking and engaged citizens look like!

On the World Children's Day 2021, our students shared about the world they want to live in. Here are some of the responses:
Umaima Raza, Student speaker at Alumni Induction Ceremony of 2019 cohort, shares about her experience in a Teach For Pakistan classroom.
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