The Leadership Journey 

Training Institute 


  • Participate in, and successfully complete, the pre-placement training
  • Intensive six-week training in the theory and practice of teaching and leadership

FELLOWSHIP YEAR 1: August'22 - June'23

Hone your teaching skills, build relationships with the school community, and set ambitious goals for change

SUMMER INTERNSHIP: June'23 - August'23

Work with non-profit, corporate or public sector organizations to explore fields you are passionate about.

FELLOWSHIP YEAR 2: August'23 - June'24

Accelerate your efforts and implement new solutions to challenges you now understand


Collaborate with the community to identify a local barrier to education and lead a project to address it.

ALUMNI INDUCTION: July'24 onwards

Join a community of leaders working across government, business and non-profits to build a movement to end educational inequity

The classroom experience changes you. Forever.

As soon as you step into the classroom, you become the leader and hero of your students. They look up to you for everything and that’s when you realise the responsibility of what you have signed up for. In retrospect, you always realise that despite all your efforts you are the one who learnt the most during the Fellowship – your
students end up teaching you.

Aan Asif Cheema
2012-2014 Cohort
Key Account Manager, PepsiCo (current)