the movement 

Solving the education crisis and nurturing an empowered next generation will require extraordinary leadership & ownership from the government, civil society and our communities.


Teach For Pakistan’s Alumni engage people and institutions within and outside the education system to create a broad-based movement to expand educational opportunity.

The Movement is 


through demand for better education



in education policy-making and service delivery



through entrepreneurship, school leadership and research

Building Blocks 

A growing network of Fellows and Alumni working through key pathways to influence reform
Partner schools and teachers working to improve learning environments and outcomes for their children, showing what is possible in the most under-resourced environments.
Partner communities committed to overcoming local barriers to children’s learning and well-being, and organizing to demand better access and quality in public education.
Students with the skills and motivation to act as agents of change and social justice in their own lives, and in their communities and country

Support for Teach for Pakistan

Fernando M Reimers

Director International Education Policy Program, Harvard University

These graduate students have well-developed leadership qualities and a commitment to educational reform. It is evident that their Teach for Pakistan experience and support provided a critically important foundation. I expect that these extraordinary education leaders will go on to make important contributions to education in Pakistan.

Ehsan Malik

Former Chairman and CEO, Unilever Pakistan

Unilever Pakistan is committed to raising standards at every interface within the community. We not only provide quality brands, we also develop talent that sustains the community. In partnering with Teach for Pakistan, it is our intention to support talented people who commit two years to raising the quality of education. We will mentor and provide opportunities for their subsequent careers.

Dr. Arif Butt

Former Dean, Suleman Dawood School of Business, LUMS

The Teach for Pakistan Fellowship is an excellent opportunity for young people to gain real-world experience, maturity, and problem-solving skills needed to succeed in any field, especially management.

global community

Across 60+ countries, Teach For All Alumni are strengthening the movement globally. From advocacy to policy-making, school administration to teaching, the corporate sector to academia, thousands of Teach For All alumni are together ensuring a brighter future for coming generations: a future where quality education is a national cause, a collective reality.

Our Alumni are supported in this movement by stakeholders across the academic and corporate sector

A Global Movement

A Global Movement

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