Placement Facts




The Teach For Pakistan Fellowship is a leadership experience like none other. Read on to learn more about what to expect.   

Placement Facts


2022 Fellows will be placed in government schools in low-income communities on the outskirts of Islamabad

Professional Benefits

Teaching and Leadership Training & Coaching

in globally renowned models of pedagogy and leadership development

Project Management Training

enabling you to design and manage a School/Community Development Initiative

Access to Teach For All Global Network

of social innovators, leaders and educators through learning and networking opportunities

Work Experience Recognition from Top Local and International Graduate Schools

at universities such as the Lahore University of Management Sciences and National University of Sciences and Technology in Pakistan, and Harvard, Colombia, Princeton in the US, among others

Professional Development

through network of corporate and development sector partners, and Teach For Pakistan alumni

Full-time, paid position for two years

that challenges you to maximize your potential

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A 5-month recruitment drive to encourage top candidates to apply to the Fellowship

The classroom experience changes you. Forever.

As soon as you step into the classroom, you become the leader and hero of your students. They look up to you for everything and that’s when you realise the responsibility of what you have signed up for. In retrospect, you always realise that despite all your efforts you are the one who learnt the most during the Fellowship – your
students end up teaching you.

Aan Asif Cheema

2012-2014 Cohort, Senior Fellow at McKinsey (current)